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Hoops Truck Driver Search department will deliver you top candidates to help fill your fleet with reliable drivers! Our team of recruiters find, engage, and deliver driver talent that matches your companies culture, skill, and experience requirements, Fast!

  • The fixed fee is cost effective.

  • The Hoops team of hiring pros take action, build profiles, build relationships and coordinate interviews.

  • Our advanced technology evaluates large sets of data to speed up and scale sourcing.

  • Our platform offers a personalized brand experience to help connect the candidate to your unique company culture, minimizing the likelihood of a declined offer.

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Hoops CDL Truck Driver Recruiters will introduce you to reliable driving talent quickly. Unlike traditional search firms, our proprietary database, relationships, and technology allow us to speed up the process and find the candidates that meet your companies criteria.


Mike McGill

Senior Vice President, Communications & Utilities at ikeGPS


“Hoops helped us hire the perfect candidate for a VP Level Sales Executive. There is no way we could have found someone that was the right cultural fit with that level of experience on our own.

Mike McGill, IkeGPS

John Whittaker  

VP Talent Acquistion @Sage Dental


"We have Dental practices all over the US which presents challenges when trying to recruit. Hoops technology and staff simplified our search for executive level candidates. We saw ROI using Hoops after our first hire!"

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